These 6 behaviors dogs think you are abandoning them

In the dog's world, the owner occupies an important role, and ta, who loves his owner with all his heart, is very afraid of being abandoned.
Once the owner does the following behaviors, the dog will think that the owner is abandoning them👇

1 Contact with other dogs in front of the dog
🐶 The owner is the world of the dog, once the dog identifies you, it will always follow you not to change easily. When you are in front of them, and acting close to other dogs, your dog will think that you no longer love them anymore.

2 Foster your dog in someone else's house
🐶 When the owner is out of town and can't bring the dog with him, they sometimes boards the dog at someone else's place. But the dog does not know that the owner is temporarily out of town, they only knows that they can not see the owner and they may thought the owner do not want them. At first the dog will continue to bark, but gradually they will get upset and even fall into depression.

3 Avoid interacting with them
🐶Dogs are like a small child, energetic, exploring the world every day, and also clinging to their owners to let them play with them. If the owner doesn't have time or is in a bad mood and leaves the dog hanging and doesn't care about them for a long time, the dog will think that he's not important anymore and worry if the owner doesn't like them anymore and doesn't want them anymore.

4 Suddenly scold the dog
Dogs are humane, and if they are taught a lesson by their owner because they made a mistake, they usually knows it.
But if the owner scolds the dog for no reason and roughly loses their temper, the dog will default to the owner not loving them anymore, and long-term scolding will make the dog become sensitive and timid.

5 Shutting the dog out
🐶 Refuse to play or interact, in the dog's view is punitive behavior, although the owner sometimes think that shut out the door to reflect on the punishment, but they can not understand the causes and consequences of the matter, do not know is because of their own wrongdoings will be shut out, they will only think that the owner is going to abandon them, do not allow them into the door of the house.

6 Deliberately not giving your dog food
Usually, we feed the dog regularly and quantitatively, if the owner do not feed the dog intentionally, the dog will think that they are abandoned by their owner. 

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