Tutorial on How to Remove Tartar From Your Dog's Teeth with Coconut Oil

Step 1
The first step is to soften the calculus. Add a small half cup of mouthwash to your dog's drinking water every day, and try to get him to drink as much water as possible after he eats to wash down the food that stains his teeth, for about two weeks.

Step 2
After two weeks, scrape with your fingernail to see if it feels a little softer, prepare a clean file and cotton swabs, dip the cotton swabs with a little bit of coconut oil and apply it to the roots of the teeth, wait for 2 minutes to soak through in order to play a protective effect on the tooth enamel.

Step 3
Use a file to gently scrape down on the calculus, verbally encouraging and calming your dog as you do so. Follow the principle of little and often, don't try to get it all at once!

Note: If you are afraid that the dog will lick off the coconut oil, you can find a towel rolled into a roll and let them bite, so that their tongue will not come out ~!

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