Ultimate tips to beat the heat for your dog

Ultimate tips to beat the heat for your dog

Air conditioning is indeed the most effective way to cool down, but it draws humidity, dries out, and can easily lead to colds and gastrointestinal distress in pets when blown for long periods of time.

Always avoid walking your dog in hot conditions and avoid keeping your pet in the balcony, heatstroke has a high lethality rate and the process is painful.

Blowing air conditioners and fans is not recommended for long periods of time, you may catch a cold or gastrointestinal chills.

Drink more water, reduce the amount of exercise, this is the basic operation, adequate drinking water, cooling essential.

Take your dog swimming, buy ice pads/cooling mats that may not sleep, etc., is also feasible.

Here are a few recommended programs that you may not know, you can choose flexibly according to your own home situation:

1、The bottom-hollowed-out dog toilet
Many dogs love to sleep in the dog toilet, because it is hollowed out at the bottom and cooler.
Especially for adult dogs, they are used to go out to poop and pee, not to poop at home.
Then you can clean the dog toilet well and give it one more option.

2、Plastic box or bottle filled with water, frozen and iced for use
You can buy a plastic box specialized in making ice, which is very cheap, or you can keep the finished drink bottles.
After freezing it every day, put it in a tub or bucket and keep it near your dog.
It will love this stuff.

3、Buy an ice crystal box and freeze it for use
The ice crystal box is filled with ice crystal gel or ice crystal powder, which is a kind of efficient cold storage carrier.
The cooling effect and duration are better than ice cubes.
You can buy more than one, half of it frozen, put it in a tub or bucket and use it near your dog.
The remaining half in the refrigerator frozen, alternate use.

4、 Cool towel + a small amount of alcohol, wipe the armpits, abdomen, inner thighs and soles of the feet
This one can achieve a short period of rapid cooling, used when the dog is particularly hot and panting loudly.
Wet the towel with cool water first, then give the towel another spray of alcohol.
Wipe your dog's body and the rapid evaporation of the alcohol, combined with the continued evaporation of the water, will take away a great deal of the heat.
Special reminder, avoid contact with the dog's mouth and nose to prevent irritation.

5、A small amount of watermelon feeding
Watermelon contains about 10% sugar, sugar content is relatively high, not recommended to eat more.
Daily feeding amount, the reference value is between 5%-10% of the pet's body weight.
Moisture accounted for 90%, calories are very low, diuretic, anti-constipation, summer heat relief is very good.
Special reminder, it is not recommended to feed chilled watermelon, easy to produce bloating, abdominal pain and other gastrointestinal reactions.