What You Need to Know About Dog Supplements

What You Need to Know About Dog Supplements

A lot of bloggers are talking about raising dogs to eat fish oil, calcium tablets, chondroitin, you really make up the right thing!

First of all, we have to make it clear that nutritional supplements are supplements, and can even be said to be medicines, long-term consumption of liver and kidney function will cause a great burden, and excessive supplementation of nutrients will cause a series of diseases, such as calcium supplementation overly prone to digestive problems, constipation, anorexia, and other symptoms, and even triggered by hypercalcemia, bone calcification and other consequences.

⭐ Correct prevention concepts
The reason why people feed all kinds of supplements on a daily basis is simply because they are worried that their dogs will suffer from diseases caused by a certain nutrient deficiency.

However, we need to distinguish the difference between prevention and treatment. Supplements should be used to replenish after a deficiency occurs, and are a means to complement treatment. In short, what's missing what to make up for, can't be afraid of getting sick in advance to take medicine it!

The correct concept of prevention, it should be through a reasonable diet to ensure that the dog's intake of balanced nutrition, through the dietary supplements to supplement the dog needs a variety of nutrients, far more healthy than the long-term consumption of a variety of synthetic supplements!

⭐ Common nutrient intake methods

⭕ Fish Oil
Fish oil can be said to be one of the lowest "IQ tax" content of all pet health care products, its main ingredient is omega3, widely found in a variety of deep-sea fish and Antarctic krill. We can prevent arthritis, promote cardiovascular health, promote brain development, improve immunity, lower cholesterol and improve the health of the dog's coat by adding the right amount of deep-sea fish ingredients to the dog's daily diet for adequate intake of omega3 and dha!

⭕ Chondroitin
Almost all cartilaginous ingredients contain chondroitin! For example, throat, ears, and egg membranes can provide your dog with adequate amounts of chondroitin. If your dog doesn't have joint problems and you're only taking it as a preventative measure, put down those little synthetic pills you're holding on to, they're great for dogs with liver and kidney abnormalities!

⭕ Calcium tablets
Calcium is the least of the anxiety points! As long as your dog is not a senior dog, not just had a baby, the nutrition is in place more sunshine is not a calcium deficiency, excessive supplementation will instead cause bone calcification, osteoporosis and other bone problems, or worse, suffer from hypercalcemia positive, triggered by bladder stones and other urinary tract diseases! Instead of spending money to buy calcium tablets, why don't you choose a better pet milk to replenish calcium and enhance immunity?