What You Need to Know about Grooming & Shower Your Dog

Many people will give their dogs bath 🐶, but there are a lot of things you need to pay attention to:
1️ Bath
It is recommended to bathe your dog at least once a month, but if your dog spends a lot of time outside on a daily basis or has skin problems, the frequency of bathing may need to be increased 💹. Dogs with loose or wrinkled skin will need special attention, and in order to prevent irritation and infection caused by dirt and bacteria, you will need to additionally clean the recessed areas of the folds with a damp cotton cloth or wipes, etc., and keep them dry ✔.

2️ Pet grooming
In addition, regular brushing and combing of pet dog's hair can remove dirt from the surface of their hair while also preventing tangles and stimulating the production of oil on the surface of the cat and dog's skin thus keeping their hair in good condition at all times.
The frequency of brushing the pet dog and cat's hair depends greatly on their own hair type:
👉 For short-haired pet dogs with smooth hair (such as Chihuahuas): usually keep brushing once a week is enough. This can start with a rubber brush to loosen dead skin and remove surface dirt, followed by a bristle brush to remove dead skin, and a final wipe with a chamois cloth, and your pet cats and dogs will simply glow.
👉 For short-haired and fine-haired pet dogs that tend to shed (such as hounds, etc.): a weekly brush is also sufficient. Use a smooth comb to detangle tangled hairs, followed by a stiff bristle brush to clean up any dead hairs that have fallen out, and lastly, don't forget to brush his tail.
👉 For pets with long and silky smooth coats (such as Yorkshire Terriers): it's best to brush once a day. Start by brushing tangled hair with a brush, then comb the entire surface of the coat with a hog bristle brush. Also for long-haired dogs, it's important to set up a daily grooming routine, or try a proper trim if tangles have become too much to brush.

3️⃣ Pet Dog Hair Trimming
While you can trim your pet cat and dog's hair very easily, it is recommended that you do not resort to shaving. When trimming their hair at home, start with their face, followed by the body, feet and the area around the tail. Also you need to be very careful while trimming with scissors, for example when trimming the hair in the area around the ears, cover the ears with one hand to make sure that you don't trim their ears 🐶 due to mistakes or pet movements.


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