When is the best time for your dog to eat snacks?

We can give snacks through the dog to complete some behaviors or which things do well, long time to insist on it we will reap unexpected results.

The details are as follows:

1. When the dog is very good at home and does not give the owner trouble, you can give the dog a snack and tell it, "You are really good today".

2. When the dog meets the requirements of the command, give the dog a snack immediately; or when the dog meets the requirements of the command and keeps it for 5 seconds, give the dog a snack and say "You are really good" a little louder.

3. If the dog is very active, always jumping up and down then give him a snack right away when he is quiet, the dog will feel that lying down does not need to do anything will have a snack to eat.

4. Treasure hunt: we can choose the strong flavor of the food, first let the dog smell, after we enter the house after hiding (such as: after the door, sofa feet, chairs, etc.) to open the door to open the dog into it, so that it looks for the nose, shoveling officer must hold back not to tell it where to hide, slowly you will find that the dog likes to this little game.

If we can not restrain the urge to give the dog snacks, then we have to mix the kinds of multiple feeding (before meals, after meals to eat clean, after naps, before and after walks, etc.), to avoid a single nutritional supplement in excess of the daily snacks can not be more than 10% of the main meal to 15%, did not do anything special to get snacks, said to be trusted, the person is able to help the dog no matter what they encountered, are able to confidently face no Anxiety.

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