When Your Dog "Fake Bites" You, Be Aware that They're NOT Playing With You!

When Your Dog "Fake Bites" You, Be Aware that They're NOT Playing With You!

Many dog owners have experienced a sudden "fake bite" when you are playing with your dog. Most people in this situation may think that the dog is just playing with you, but the reason behind it is much more complicated than you think.

When a dog fake bites you, they may be thinking:
1. "I don't feel well, please pay attention!"
2. "To see if you've been messing around"
3. "I want to protect you because you're mine!"
4. "I want to know what you've been through today."
5. "I'm bored, come play with me!"
6. "I'm sorry, I'm so excited!"
7. "I'm hungry, feed me quickly!"
8. "My teeth are itching, I need to chew on something."

What to do after being bitten by a dog or cat?

Steps for proper treatment:

1. Flush the wound
Repeatedly rinse the wound with running water, then apply soap and scrub.
(During the process of flushing the wound, use both hands to squeeze around the wound to squeeze out the infected blood completely)
Until the wound turns slightly white, make sure the germs are flushed out.

2. Sterilization
After rinsing, disinfect the wound with iodophor or alcohol.
If the bite is serious, go to the hospital and do not treat the wound by yourself!

3. Vaccination
The principle is the sooner the better, it is recommended to go to the immunization station for rabies vaccination within 24 hours.

⚠️⚠️ Pay attention to the way you get along with animals to minimize the risk of being scratched and bitten.