Why Your Dog's Feet Are Super Important: Keeping Them Healthy

Why Your Dog's Feet Are Super Important: Keeping Them Healthy

Have you ever noticed that not all dog paws are created equal? Depending on the breed, your furry friend might have webbed feet, cat-like paws, or even rabbit-like feet. It's important to give those precious paws some extra TLC, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Why Do Dog Paws Need Special Care?

Hot and cold weather can pose dangers to your dog's paws. The solution? Dog shoes and paw balms! These are great ways to combat temperature-related issues and keep those paws happy and healthy.

How to Incorporate Paw Checks into Your Routine

Make it a habit to quickly inspect your dog's paws regularly. Allergies, foreign objects, cuts, and pain can lead to injuries and infections. A quick paw check after each walk is a paw-some idea!

Why Are Dog Paws So Sensitive?

Your dog's paws may be one of the toughest yet most sensitive parts of their body. Some dogs don't like their feet being touched because they have a lot of blood vessels and sensitive nerves at the tips.

Dealing with Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can have a negative impact on your dog's paws, something their body structure can't handle. In scorching weather, the pavement can reach dangerous temperatures, putting your pup at risk of burns and heatstroke. Even in mild 24-degree weather, asphalt temperatures can soar close to 55 degrees!

During summer, opt for walks in the early morning or after sunset when it's cooler. If you must go out when the sun is high, consider getting your furry friend some protective dog shoes to prevent burns or blisters. Keep them hydrated and watch for signs of heatstroke, like excessive panting, pale gums, and difficulty breathing.

In freezing weather, most dogs should wear shoes to protect their paws from frostbite. If they'll be playing in the snow or walking long distances in temperatures below 10 degrees, they'll feel the cold discomfort. Due to the dehydrating effects of cold air, all dogs are prone to cracked paws in the cold months. Consider using paw protection wax or moisturizing balms to keep those paws in top shape. You can even try making your own natural dog paw balm!