Woof-tastic Reads: 12 Doggo Facts You Need to Know!

Woof-tastic Reads: 12 Doggo Facts You Need to Know!

1. Dogs need to sleep about 15 hours a day, so give them plenty of time to sleep!

2. Dogs have almost no sweat glands in their bodies, and the main heat dissipation areas are on their tongues and fleshy pads, so shaving doesn't help them dissipate heat! It may also cause skin diseases

3. Dogs will spin around before pooping mainly to adjust the magnetic field and find the right position to ensure their safety.

4. Dogs and humans have different intestines and are not suitable for human food, and certain foods can even be fatal.

5. dogs are not born to swim. Like fighting dogs, shih tzu and other short-nosed dogs are not suitable for swimming, if the dog is hastily thrown into the water, it is easy to drown. Weather tropical dogs go out to play in the water remember to prepare a good dog life jacket in advance!

6. The dog's teeth will be replaced during the growth process, usually in about 4 months will grow all the milk teeth, that is, from the initial 28 milk teeth into 42 permanent teeth

7. Dogs are actually color blind. It only has black, white, gray, yellow, blue and other colors in its eyes. There are only 2 types of cone cells in a dog's eye

8. Dogs don't lick and drink water, they actually drink it by rolling their tongues backward, like a spoon.

9. Dogs in the bath after dumping water can be in 4 seconds to dump 70% of the water on the body, but still need to give the dog dry blow-drying

10. In fact, the dog will also dream, the owner will often appear in their dreams

11. The dog's nose, like a human fingerprint, is unique, just like their IDs.

12. The longer you live with your dog, the more similar the owner and the dog will be, regardless of appearance, movement, or various behavioral habits.