PAWUP Dog Treats Chicken Jerky Wrapped Sweet Potato, 12.5 oz

PAWUP's Chicken Jerky Wrapped Sweet Potato Dog Treats are made from natural ingredients and enriched with Taurine. These 12.5 Oz grain-free dog treats combine the delicious flavors of sweet potato and chicken. About this item Taurine Added: Give your dog this taurine contained sweet potatoes wrapped chicken to help improve...
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PAWUP's Chicken Jerky Wrapped Sweet Potato Dog Treats are made from natural ingredients and enriched with Taurine. These 12.5 Oz grain-free dog treats combine the delicious flavors of sweet potato and chicken.

About this item

  • Taurine Added: Give your dog this taurine contained sweet potatoes wrapped chicken to help improve brain development, retina protection and heart improvement of your little pup
  • Well Balanced Treat: Chicken and sweet potatoes are low in fat, high in protein. This combination offers a well-balanced diet as well as aids in maintaining a healthy weight
  • High Fiber Dog Treat: The potato strip is added as a source of dietary fiber to help maintain and normalize bowel movement of your doggie
  • Easy to Store: Hand-feeding your dog occasionally with training treats is a great way to build a stronger bond with your pooch. Our treat container comes with a tight-fitting lid, which is convenient to open and re-seal
  • High-quality Ingredients: What else could be the reliable choice for your little family member than this treat with zero fillers or preservatives? All the ingredients are grain free and gluten free 
Flavor Sweet Potato & Chicken
Age Range (Description) All Life Stages
Item Form Stick
Specific Uses For Product Stomach, Active, Teeth, Weight, Coat 


How did we get our start?

We decided to protect our family members and provide them with healthy and delicious snacks. Just as we human beings should not only pursue the taste of food but make sure its raw materials are healthy and safe.

Why do we love what we do?

Pets love us all their lives. Therefore, we are willing to provide equal love and do our best to promote the healthy growth of pets and pet industry.

What makes our products unique?

Our food is healthy and tasted great. We only use fresh and natural ingredients. If you lift up our snacks, pets’ paws will never come down.

Taurine plays a key role in dogs' :

  • Brain Development
  • Retina Protection
  • Improvement of the heart health

Helps maintain healthy weight

  • High in protein & Low in fat
  • Grain free & gluten free
  • Easy to digest


    High fiber food

    • Rich in dietary fiber
    • Normalizing bowel movements
    • Maintaining bowel health




        Always provide plenty of fresh drinking water for your dog and supervise at all times whilst.

        This product cannot completely replace staple food. After feeding snacks, the main food should be reduced.

        The weight of daily snacks should not exceed 10% of total feeding. Fed in small amounts for the first feeding.

        Not suitable for puppies under 3 months. Not for human consumption. Not for ruminants. Store in a dry, cool and dark place.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 32 reviews
        Kenneth Ringwood
        Excellent FRESHQ

        Even I would eat it!

        Our dogs love these soft treats (I cut them into smaller pieces), they are a bit pricey, though...

        Our two dogs love these chicken wrapped sweet potato sticks. They are very interested when they see the snacks coming or just hear me open the package. The treats look very much like coated sweet potato fries; they are thick and soft (but not really gooey) so I thought they would be a nice alternative to all of the hard dog biscuits and chews I usually give as treats. The 12.5 ounce jar contains about 20 sticks; of that number, five of them are very large and the other pieces are much smaller -- all together they represent a good number of treats. We have small dogs (our older pooch is approximately 30 pounds and our younger one is just past puppyhood and is about twenty pounds or so). Since there are different sizes of treats in the jar, and I didn't want to give too large of a treat + I need to portion them out equally, I cut all of them into approximately 1" pieces and that works out very well. Just the right size to have one or maybe two of these [apparently] very tasty treats. At $16.29 for 12.5 ounces I find these a bit pricey. In fact, they are similarly priced to the chicken wrapped rawhide sticks from PawUp that I also ordered at the same time. The dogs love those even more and they last quite a while so even though I like to have a variety of different types of snacks, it just seems as if I am getting more bang for my buck with the rawhide ones. I did not find any information in the product description as the where these are made, but the package indicates that these treats are made in China.

        Shaun H20
        Amazing and our dogs really just love them

        My only complaint is I wish I could count on these to get me a bit more Playstation time before the dogs are done and I'm forced to entertain them or suffer the wrath of the dogs who will find something to chew on that ain't good (like a wire). Other than that the dogs love these things, they are very fresh and btw they do last a decent amount of time so no worries there, I am just always looking for something that will take them longer is all

        Judi R.
        Puppa approved

        My dog loves these treats. I love that they are yams and chicken and not rawhide. Comes nicely packaged.

        My Finicky Dogs' New Favorite Treat!!

        My dogs are absolutely picky eaters, which includes their treats. We received these yesterday, and they are absolutely in love!! Very few treats will actually have them, all 6 of them, lined up at my feet with anticipation. They already know what the cannister looks like and what it sounds like when I unscrew the cap. Lol! They will come barreling through the house as soon as I shake the cannister. We have dogs that range from a 2 lb toy Chihuahua, a Chiweenie, a Chug (Chihuahua/Pug), a standard Chihuahua, a Border Aussie, and a German Shepherd. Every single dog loves these, which is quiet an accomplishment as they all have their unique preferences when it comes to their snacks. I love how soft these actually are because my two elderly Chihuahuas who have lost teeth due to age are able to eat these. My tiny girl's teeth were already just tiny, and with age, they are worn down, so I do cut hers up into tiny pieces. These are really soft, so if you're looking for a long lasting chew, these wouldn't be a good choice. However, if you're looking for a healthy quick bite for your babies as a super yummy treat, these are amazing (so says my dogs!). I can tell that the sweet potatoes are actually potatoes and not some junk made to make you believe they are real. The jerky wrapped around the potatoes seems to be good quality as well. I can't wait to try more from this companies line of treats! The ONLY drawback is I wish they made a larger container! With 6 dogs, we will go through this container in a few days. I'd say there are probably around 20 treats in this container, and they range in size from 1 inch to about 4 inches long. Definitely worth the price!!

        Chicken wrapped potato Chicken Wrapped Rawhide Stick Chicken Wrapped 6.5" Rawhide Bone Chicken Jerky Chicken Wrapped Pumpkin Biscuit Chicken Jerky Rings
        Chicken Wrapped Sweet Potato Chicken Wrapped Rawhide Sticks Chicken Wrapped 6.5" Rawhide Bones Chicken Jerky Chicken Wrapped Pumpkin Biscuits Chicken Jerky Rings
        Rawhide Free
        Grain Free
        Taurine 1%
        Hormones or Antibiotics No No No No No No
        Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes All Breed Sizes Medium & Large Dogs All Breed Sizes All Breed Sizes All Breed Sizes
        PAWUP Dog Treats Chicken Jerky Wrapped Sweet Potato, 12.5 oz
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